Capital Solutions

EMAGroup provides customized solutions for special situations tailored to meet the needs of middle-market clients facing inflection points, from capital structure issues to other liquidity and financial matters. We work to maximize successful outcomes for our clients by taking a pragmatic approach combining practical experience and creative strategies that address the nuances of each business. Our services address the full range of issues that may cause financial distress including:


  • Negotiating waivers, modifications, and amendments to credit agreements
  • Developing and executing capital markets solutions
  • Divesting non-core assets to fund the business and/or facilitating a deleveraging of debt
  • Developing and executing comprehensive deleveraging transactions
  • Selling the distressed business when such a transaction makes the most sense for all parties-in-interest

When appropriate, we help the business find the right investment banker. But we regularly help management find and arrange the right capital solution while also helping fix the business. Often the capital solution is not obvious and, as a result, we often find answers and alternatives after others have given up

Financial Advisory/Capital Finance

When you select EMAGroup, we become part of your team. We work side-by-side with you to find and create better solutions and alternatives. When it comes time to present that information to lenders, bondholders, investors, board members, creditors or in court, we will be there with you.


Other senior advisors “dial-it-in” from their high-rise offices and you will not see them again after the sales pitch and the kick-off meeting. They want you to generate the work product so they can repackage it and send it out to a mass audience which may inadvertently make getting a transaction completed more difficult. And when the situation is at its worst, they may stop taking your calls because there is not an easy path to a success fee. We leverage and supplement your team to get the work done. When a company is in transition, EMAGroup finds better way to get a transaction completed.


We have a history of helping fix broken deals. We find creative solutions to improve working capital availability and increase the time available to arrange a completed financing. When appropriate, we partner with investment banks when the company is ready and then help to lead a value-driven transaction. And as part of this process, we help you select the right investment banker that understands your industry or the distressed nature of the situation to complete a transaction that makes the most sense.


By serving as a “fresh set of eyes” and, as an independent and honest broker of information, we help reset the story. EMAGroup helps you build a revised business plan attached to an implementation program that tracks to improved performance and ties to improved earnings and cash flows. When outside parties can see milestones, plans supported by comprehensive details, and measurable improved performance, then you can better control the outcome.


Secured & Mezzanine Lender Services

EMAGroup is actively involved throughout the credit relationship with clients and lenders. We help manage the credit relationship from simple refinancing to complex credit challenges requiring creative capital structures.


Understanding complex capital structures, determining the debt capacity of a business, or helping clients find financial solutions through transitional times is our mainstay. Our constant presence in the marketplace provides us insights into lender requirements, best terms, and the appetite of capital sources.


EMAGroup’s ability to find the right capital solution is tied to our intimate understanding of the business and the strategic options we help you develop. When it comes time to complete the transaction process, we work with you to explain the plan in detail to capital sources.


We have also worked with many mezzanine lenders to obtain recoveries on troubled situations. 

In recent years, we have often found the mezzanine lender in the fulcrum position but without the operating resources to manage a proper recovery. EMAGroup steps into these situations to help find and implement recovery and restructuring solutions.