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  • Capital Sourcing / Refinancing Initiatives
  • Transaction / Diligence Support
  • Bankruptcy Litigation
  • Preference Analysis
  • Wind-downs & Liquidations
  • Examiner/Monitor
  • Trustee / Receiverships
  • Operational Turnarounds
  • Business Restructuring & Strategic Repositioning
  • Lender Negotiations
  • Financial / Debt Restructuring
  • Cash Flow Modeling
  • Working Capital Management
  • Chief Restructuring Officer
  • Interim Management
  • Chapter 11 Case Management
  • Tying improvement initiatives to profit and working capital management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Lean and Process Improvement
  • CFO Support Services
  • Business / Operational Assessments
  • Revenues & Gross Profit Growth
  • Post-Acquisition Integration
  • Information Technology
  • C-Suite Management Support
  • Project Management
We work with companies to help fix their capital structure which ranges from negotiating with existing secured lenders and creditors to helping negotiate the restructuring of debt and / or helping recapitalize the business. In this regard, we work very closely with alternative sources of capital, brokers and investment bankers to get the needed working capital to support the business needs. In many instances, we provide support in preparing the business for a potential capital raise, refinancing, or sale process. We have worked with numerous companies, investment bankers and through court proceedings to maximize the enterprise value by repositioning the business operations and improving timely access to reliable data. We maintain relationships with alternative capital sources and with investment banking firms to support deal execution, including refinancing and finding viable buyers of operating assets and / or entire enterprises. When this occurs, we know how to best maximize the value for all parties.


How we can assist:

Turnaround and restructuring: EMA Group’s services in this area are designed to provide positive solutions with the executive teams and stakeholders of companies in financial crisis, no matter the circumstances. Ultimately, resolution of these matters can be a drain on time, resources, emotions and morale. Our expertise allows us to work with companies and drive the restructuring process forward, empowering the work force, and enabling management to focus on the day-to-day business.

Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) services are frequently the result of outside parties losing trust in management for any number of reasons. The secured lender or other parties-in-interest may require that we serve as the CRO. Additionally, the board may feel bringing in a CRO is important in order to fulfill its fiduciary duties. As chief restructuring officer, we can have a much more impactful role than serving as an independent board member. As CRO, we frequently assume an active role over all financial and global operating issues.

Performance improvement: Our performance improvement services focus on helping clients to address the challenges resulting from broken economic models and ineffective processes that are no longer successful or no longer produce wanted results. We improve performance by implementing changes in business workflows and management processes. Conditions that necessitate performance improvement include continual shortfalls in operating results, slowdowns in revenue growth, issuance of new debt or the need to refinance, declines in operating margins, and the restructuring of balance sheet obligations.

Interim management: As a group, we are experienced executives from several industries accustomed to filling a variety of roles during difficult transitions. A significant amount of our experience involves confidential assignments. Working as senior management—whether as a CRO, CEO, COO or CFO – we take on the appropriate roles to maximize the chances of a successful restructuring.


In delivering Enterprise Performance Improvement services, we leverage our decades of experience in translating operational improvements into increased cash flows, improved working capital availability, and enhanced profitability.

Whether the objective is to transform an under-performing business, increase cash from operations or enhance the value of a healthy company, EMA Group is uniquely positioned to deliver business Enterprise Performance Improvement. We work directly with line management through our senior level team who are highly experienced and credentialed senior consultants. Most have been senior level executives have served in crucial operating roles in addition to being skilled consultants and leading experts in their fields. Our performance improvement services include:

  • Working Capital Management
  • Cost Optimization, Spend Management and Sourcing
  • LEAN and Process Improvement for Manufacturing
  • Organizational and Enterprise Transformation
  • Revenue and Gross Margin Enhancement
  • C-Suite Management Support
  • Program Management and Implementation

Our client-focused firm provides the highest expertise, matching and exceeding that of many larger firms. We offer direct client involvement by the firm’s most senior level consultants and managing directors. Our highly experienced consultants have been senior level executives and served in crucial operating roles.

Our approach:

We bring a sense of urgency, teamwork and pragmatism to producing results that are rapid, quantifiable and sustainable. We generally apply a three-phased approach:

  1. Opportunity Assessment to scope out significant issues and quantify the cost / benefit impact.
  2. Analysis and Program Design to identify and realize “Quick Wins,” quantify opportunities, determine program and process requirements, and deliver a detailed implementation plan.
  3. Implementation and Sustainability: Working with client staff in joint teams, we lead program / project implementation and help deliver measurable results, incorporating measures to ensure long-term sustainability. This is often self-funded.

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