• Enterprise Management Advisors, LLC
    515 S. Flower Street, 18th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90071


Enterprise Management means taking a holistic approach to the business, and thus, advising clients on operational and financial advisory strategies, including operations management, strategic repositioning, product mix and pricing, and the alignment of management (and other stakeholders) with targeted goals and objectives. It’s about providing a comprehensive solution to transitional company challenges. Our clients come from a variety of industries, including:
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Industrial and Assembly
  • Food Processing, Packaging, & Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor & Electronics
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Microchip
  • Equipment
  • Energy - Oil & Gas
  • Building Materials
  • Apparel
  • E-Commerce
  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless
  • Software
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Microchip
  • Medical Device
  • Biotechnology
  • Clean Tech
  • Space and Science
  • Research & Development
  • Retail Management
  • Consumer Products
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Restaurants & Franchise Operations
  • Leisure, Hospitality, & Entertainment
  • Business and Professional
  • Financial and Insurance
  • Transportation / Logistics
  • Contracting and Maintenance
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Healthcare Operations & Billing
  • Education and Trade Schools

At EMA Group, we believe that an important element of most special situations involving operational turnarounds or business restructurings is developing a plan to improve operations, and to tie-out operational enhancements to improved cash flows and operating profits.

We then track against operational improvements to increased profitability, improved cash flows and working capital management which drives value creation.

  • We work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients and management teams
  • We are both financially and operationally focused, managing business improvements that tie-out to targeted cash flows and improved earnings
  • We are detail oriented which ensures the highest quality and optimum outcomes
  • We manage engagement economics carefully to ensure we are part of the solution and not part of the problem
  • We only staff engagements with senior-level, experienced, and credentialed professionals, leveraging existing company resources to be economically efficient

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